onsdag 30. april 2014

Starting a blog

So it has come to starting a blog. Throwing my thoughts up for the scrutiny and critisism of fellow eve-players. So bring your ramblings, comments, trolls and jokes and I wish you welcome to this new blog called "Collapsed Behind" (A horrible name for a blog, but in an attempt to keep it wormhole related yet seperated from my corp somewhat it is what was aviable when moving down my list).

So who am I? Why should I start a blog? Well my main char name is Calaretu. I log on a game called Eve Online, where I fly virtual spaceships in a unknown space called wormhole space. With me I have this group of people I am one of the leaders for. Occasionally we shoot stuff.

So whats the purpose of this blog you might ask. And rightly so. I have been asking myself the same before I hit the "create blog" button. Sticking your head out in Eve and seperating yourself from the unknown masses rarely make you more than a target for everyone else. But I have been there already, being a target for everyone else, so why not do a blog if I want to? There are three type of posts you will find here. Mainly. I have named this my "Strategy for consumer involvement" where my main approaches are post that:
  1. Tell my story of living in wormholespace; past and current
  2. Offer my opinion on whatever stuff I fancy having an opinion about in Eve
  3. Coffee. Yes I love coffee. And its an important part of my fictional Spaceshipherofromouterspacebutinacomputer life.
I have no clue how often I will update and in what order posts will be coming, but my aim is to have a regularity in it. First aim is therefore to have a past story post once a week, current whenever they happen and opinions whenever I have them :P

Fly dangerously
- Calaretu