onsdag 25. februar 2015

CSM X (that means 10 in roman numbers) elections

So its that time of the year again.CSM elections. Bring out the children, grandparents and forefathers and line up for the voting booth.Then go out shave and vote again :D

I havent been the most enthustiastic promoter of CSM elections in all the media but my Twitter feed is flowing over with endorsements and recommandations and podcasts and opinions and oneliners. In good tradition there has been both podcasts and summits that will let you spend days of your life getting into the mindset, family history and psych evaluations of the different candidates.

Or you can do like me and read the tl:dr of people who enjoy spending time doing just that. So wihtout further fuzz I recommend you go read up the voting slate suggested by Rhavas. You find it here. His arguments for all the candidates are pretty good. But since CCP has taken upon themself the burden of reworking structures in Eve soon™ I thought it might be a bit more important to vote this time. I even got Corbexx to come on our ts the coming saturday (28 feb) to talk a bit about the work that CSM does aswell. (If you want to come along aswell just send me a mail ingame).