lørdag 29. november 2014

Storytime 10: The birth of Unsettled. [UNSET]

Battered and bruiced. Beaten to the floor several times. When reality hits, all illusions fade. In the end we are what we make of ourself. In the end we make our own choices. 
My stratios (rip) in Retreat
The departure from SYJ was a violent one. Forced upon us and shoved down our throats. The distaste for the entire event still lingered on our tounges. The bitterness on the tip. Just there, right on the edge. It set a mark, a consequence.  And meeting up with our new friends in ICOL we brought that with us to the table. ORLY had a violent birth and even more so; a brutal life as a corp. But in ICOL we found likeminded people who shared our way of playing the game. Their story was a very different but still we found common ground to build upon. Counting manpower we made a desicion to settle for finding a C5 wormhole with a C5 static. Preferably Red Giant effect. While ICOL was moving out of their 5-3 several of the pilots in ORLY set up in a staging 5-5 and started to roll to look for a suitable system. After a few days we found it and started to move all assets. At the same time ICOL started to set up tower and the alliance was officially born. The naming process was a discussion without end but eventually we did make a desicion. And so alliance was named Unsettled. and the new home was named Retreat. And so it came to be. A brand new alliance in c5 space. And for the first month it was glorious. Fights were had and ships got slaughtered. Both our own and other people's. (Turn a few rocks and you may even find some of those battlereports on this very blog). But as april turned to may and summer hit the northern hemisphere something happened. Our active numbers started to fall. For most it had a very natural reason. Grimch and Manira got hit by RL reducing the leaders in corp drasticly. And in alliance the active numbers just kept on falling. By the end of may and beginning of june we could no longer field a fleet to have a fight against any c5 entity. And the long chains without anything to do burned out several of our active scouts. It was a bad turn for alliance. Efforts were made to turn the tide. ORLY merged with ICOL to consolidate forces and free up manpower but in the end there just was nothing that helped to turn the tide. If we did not manage to do something drastic the alliance would die. Talks were had. Threads on forum were posted. Something had to change.

I think it was one of the talks with MD on telegram (message app) we started talking about the ease of hs access we had in the 5-2 that made it just easier to live in. We even talked to Nimon, who was back in there and harassing the new locals (Un.bound), about joining in on the harassing. But didnt come to pass. Instead something else happened. Something we did not expect. Something that had not happened in years. In fact it had not happened since the birth of wormholes. I suddenly felt like Lucy in Narnia, when Father Christmas arrived after years of absence. Giving her a gift that seemed small and unimportant. But for UNSET this was a gift that, like Lucy's magic potion, would breathe life back in the alliance. The great hand of CCP themself were bringing their mighty hand of change to wormholespace. The change they brought was not a big one in itself, but done right it was monumental. And while most wormholers
Escalation fleet in one of our former C5 wormholes
were moaning about how difficult it would be to roll their c5 solo we set our eyes on the crown jewel of the changes. Dual static c4 space. 

It has been a long time mantra in wormholespace that the static determines what kind of content you have. But for c5 and c6 space there have been many entities who have not moved their fleet out of home system unless there has been someone to gank or brawl just right next door. The new dual static c4's was the polar opposit. Home system would never support more then 2 people. But the chains? Oh the lovely chains. The chains could sustain more people than even a c6 home system could in terms of making isk. And more chains ment more chance of meeting other occupied systems.Which ment more opportunities for pvp. That is the biggest difference between c1-4 and c5/6 right now. The need to utilize your chain. So a huge effort was laid down to locate a new home. Both the moving out of the old but also scanning through and mapping the new statics. That way we could locate a new home with the desired statics before the change went live. We made a desicion to go for a C4 with a C4 and C2 static. That would give us a significant easier logistic but still be very connected to wormholespace. And again we went and set up in a staging system and rolled the static until we found a suitible system that had the desired statics and decent PI (lazy mans isk faucet, yes thats me).

One might say that the rest is history, but as everything with eve one never knows what the future brings. It certainly made the alliance more active. Especially since solo content was so easily avaiable we no longer needed big numbers to do anything. Onwards and forward they say, and I guess that is where we are going. Some might say with varied success but as long as we have fun all is good on the road ahead.

And with this my Storytime session is ending for now as we have reached the current day. I hope you have enjoyed the story so far as it was great fun living it in this virtual world. But fear not: this is not the end of my blog. I have several pieces in working and I hope to get them out more frequent aswell. Until next time ;)