søndag 29. mars 2015

Choose a wormhole home; Part 1

On a regular basis I do a tiny overall look on wormholespace and try to make up a somewhat subjective opinion on what kind of home would give us the optimal fun in game. And I felt with the recent changes that have happened (and also seeing how it has played out) it was time to do it again. But this time I will make it avaiable to all of you aswell. So here we go:

Part 1: Choosing a static

When choosing a wormhole your first desicion should always be what kind of static you want. The static is what will be your main source of interaction and activity unless you are determined to exclude yourself from other players. This has become increasingly harder to do after Hyperion expansion and if exclusion is a goal in itself you may also consider renting a system in 0.0.

Furthermore I have not considered roaming wormholes in this overview as that is not something that is dependable and consistent contribution to your daily activity.

I have divided this overview in three groups. How you pew your pew, how you make your isk and how you fuel your towers. Fuel will be a continual needed ingrediant even with the new structures coming up so its a vital element to evaluate.

Do you have a different experience with one of these static? Let me know in the comments below. 

(part 2 is now avaiable here)

Static PVP PVE Logistic
HS Yeah not entirely sure what kind of PVP ability you get from a HS static. Wardecs I guess? Safety is the first that comes to mind with a HS static. Usually these wormholes make a good base for industry as you get easy access to hauling and altering market exits. Anoms in HS is usually not wort talking to much about as its usually the low end sites in all shapes and forms. Easy
LS This would be the primary exit type for lowsec roams. Ability to roll it also makes for diversity.
  • Lowsec roams
Lowsec has racial gas sites for making booster gas. Also you may come across some decent DED sites. In addition you got the occasional ghost sites There are enough lowsec exits one jump from a HS to not make this a issue
NS Nullsec roams. Very powerfull for nullsec guerilla warfare. Especially with sov 5.0 coming the summer 2015 this will be an attractive static to have for those who love the nullsec skirmishes. Important to notice however a nullsec static doesn't allow for Capital ships to transverse so some fights might escalate above what you will be able to handle.
  • Small ship nullsec roam
A nullsec static gives somewhat limited PVE abilities. Mostly you will be able to do nullsec exploration sites and DED sites but be limited to subcapital ships to run them. Can be more challenging as you have to depend on other chains for a HS exit. Worst case you black ops jump a cloaky hauler through the gatecamps to a exit close to lowsec.
C1 Unless you are lucky and find a offline POS this is not a good static for PVE. C1 usually leads to HS aswell so see my points on a HS exit further up.
  • Usual HS chain
Possible solo sites but a c2 or c3 static give better soloable content. Usually easy due to high amount of HS
C2 This is where you first start to talk about the option of  wormhole-pvp. All C2 systems have dual static. One to known space (most often HS) and one to another wormholeclass. For small gang wormhole hunting this is by many considered as a premium static due to possible long stretching chains with a diversity of content. Currently a lot of C2's have become increasingly active with smaller groups as seen by this graph.
  • Chains to known space and wormholespace
  • Easy HS
  • Decent soloable anoms
  • Nullsec data sites
  • Possible group content in the wormholechain.
Usually easy due to high amount of HS
C3 C3's themself does seldom offer a lot of pvp as they are primarily used for solofarming, industry or staging. Depending on the static it has itself. 50% of C3 lead to lowsec so having a c3 static usually means you get easy lowsec roam ability.
I have also heard from people living in them or having them as static that roaming wormholes has been an increasing occurance in c3's. This open options but not on a dependable level.
  • Usually leads to lowsec (see up)
  • Easy soloable content
  • Also see lowsec static further up
Usually easy due to high amount of LS/HS
C4 Ahh. Yes. The c4 static. I may be a bit partial on this as we currently have this in our home, but what connections this bring. Since Hyperion brought the second static a c4 static opens up a world of opportunity. Considering about 50% (finger in the air number) of the c4's you connect to have another c4 static you usually end up with a huge chain leading to all sorts of classes. Yes every night we have everything from c1-c6 in our c4 chain. Depending on how deep our scouts go. Considering several other groups have moved to c4's with different statics you usually find someone to fight several times a week. Sometimes you get to gank someone. Other times you get ganked yourself. And sometimes theres a proper fight. Right now a static c4 is the optimal static for diversity and activity. Again. You get almost every aspect of wormholespace except the capital escalation option for c5 and c6.So everything from solo to big groups get iskmaking opportunities. Usually easy due to high amount of HS further down in the chain.
C5 There used to be a joke about the endless c5-c5 highway. After living in a c5-c5 ourself for a bit it wasnt such a funny joke anymore. Occasionally you get a big group in your chain but mostly you have to go into null for fights. Looking at the killboard from the big groups living in c5's it seem like this is still the case. Long down the chain or out to null to find fights. This is where you start seeing the big isk. For a group of 4+ these sites can be easily run and generate a very good income. If your homesystem is a c5/6 in addition you can bring in 1+ capital to escalate. And then you have the c320. Thats just raw isk in itself that you can pick up for free. The four battleships that spawn is easy to solo and adds another 100 mill to the value of the site. This is probably the most challenging in regards to the logistic aspect. Your chains never has the promise of a kspace like the c1-4 statics have. You mostly depend on finding a roaming direct HS or you find a 5-1,2,4 down the chain. From experience you really never struggle with logistic but are more dependant on making use of good opportunities that come along.
C6 The Nostalgia. Havent we all watched Clarion Call and dreamt about the glorious battles of fame and fortune? The sacking of TLC, the invasion of Noho. But right now the land of C6 is a barren wasteland. What was once the pinnacle of wormholespace has now turned to a series of empty wormholes. Only sign of life is the single towers belonging to the russian farmers called "w-space citizen". Occasionally you will connect to former great block who still struggle through survival with fat wallets and inactive members. No, right now a C6 static offers little but another connection. Another dot on the line towards the next wormhole. Maybe you are lucky and get a connection to null or lowsec, but the glory of days yonder has past to legends. Yes right now a c6 static is a good place to farm. Noone is rolling for c6's so little chance of ganks unless someone is coming through a chain. Actually logistic with a static c6 is easier than in with a static c5. This is mostly due to the low number of c6 wormholes and how easy it is to roll to a 6-2 or 6-1 if you really need a HS.

mandag 16. mars 2015

The Siege of Hub

It all started on a day like just like any other day. Not this week. Nor last. But several months back. When we had just moved into SingSing (Yes thats the name of our C4 wormhole). Through our connection we had two other groups who were already fighting eachother. We made an agreement with one of the groups and togeather we took down some carriers. The name of this group we decided to fight together with was Revenant Tactical [-R3V-]. We had a blast and started talking about them joining Unsettled. However our policy of all alliance members living inside our C4 put them off as they still enjoyed the C5 they lived in.

HeWhoShallNotBe Named
contacted us on the proposal
of joining forces.
And so time passed on as she always does. Days became weeks and weeks became months. Along the way some of our members in Dracos Dozen went over to fly with them aswell and tho we rarely saw them again in our chians, a bond was formed. Along the path R3V chose to move on from their 5-4 to a new 5-3. And it is here we reconnect to recent history. As content dried up for them in the 5-3 they reapproached us to further discuss a joining of f
orces and invited us to move into their 5-3. As before we were very positive to flying with the pilots in R3V. But again the idea of moving into a 5-3 was very little tempting. But we started a discussion to see if we could find some way of making it work. Having previous experience from living in a 5-3, both ICOL and .ORLY knew it was mostly a one way street to Lowsec depending on roaming wormholes and incoming connections to actually do content in wormholespace. This was less desirable then

Two days later, on february 27, we got a urgent call. Russians had seeded R3V's wormhole and reinforced two towers. A series of communications started to go forth and back to assemble what we could of intel. It appeared to be a few minor groups. They seemed like no real threat really. But we digged a little deaper. And on one killmail a very familiar name showed up. DURA LEXX. This was not the first time we had encountered this name. No in fact we had come across them on several occasions.

A desicion was made and we assembled the finest fleet UNSET had ever flown before. We strolled over and took wormholecontrol. We set up a staging pos (since they had already seen our fleet) and logged of inside system. Then as many as possible helped keeping wormhole control through the night. Since this was not our alliance home we did not call a CTA or schedule a wormhole control group that could hold 24/7. And during US and AU tz we very much relied on R3V to keep control. But as russian prime began on the saturday too few were online to keep total control. Now the sadest part of this endevour was that timers on towers had not been manually set and expired in russian prime and our weakest timezone. (Yes we had a chat after timers began about how to adjust strontium in towers to alter the outcome). But we decided to make the best of it and assembled as many people possible on the login screen as the tower timerz approached.

Now I will take a moment and explain a little bit. The history of DURA LEXX and their friends is not easy to interpret. They are not pro on the level of Blood Union and Quantum Explosion. They do silly mistakes from time to time and after what appeared to be a falling out between DURA LEXX and QEX/BU a year or so back they have never flown togeather again. In this operation they were flying with Duckling Union, GALAXY ALLIANCE and Total Absolution. Since they impressivly managed to lose an archon to a tower we did not think too highly of them and maybe took a bit light on their ability to call others to do their work.

As the timers passed R3V pulled out a Thanatos to rep the tower. Painfully slow but sitting on the edge of shields it started repping. We kept our pilots on login screen expecting the hostiles to pull a somewhat stupid move. We did not expect them to be able to get in reinforcement so as their dreads and an archon landed on grid with tower we logged in and went straight for the capitals. Little did we know that this would be our fatal flaw in the defense (and much to my own blame for calling the tactical move). Neuts were put in place on the Archon. Guardians got up chain and the grind began to break the archon. Since it was in the middle of the day most our EU forces were not avaiable leaving us with the now somewhat tired homedefence of R3V and less than optimal UNSET fleet. Luckily for us a frigate wormhole appeared earlier before the fight. Connected directly to No Vacancies home system. Striking up a conversation with some old friends there, they brought a few bombers through to try to assist us.

The stumped feeling when you get overrun by ishtar fleet
Not many minutes into the fight scouts reported a massive fleet coming in through the static C3. Ishtars. Many of them. It was the nullsec StainRUS fleet who had come. They by far outnumbered us and as ship after ship got alpha'd off field the resignation set into our fleet. People scrambled to get out of bubbles or into POS. The havock of the ishtars annihilated our fleet completely. There was no way we could even land reps as ship after ship fell. The final numbers was daunting and as FC got blasted away noone stepped up to replace him even. A sad day indeed.

It all ended horribly wrong. From the optimistic tone when our fleet arrived the evening before, to the loosing of wormhole control and eventually utter defeat to the nullsec fleet. As the day went on R3V made the desicion to accept our offer to them to join us in SingSing with entire corp. As EU primetime approached we easily took back wormholecontrol again after the nullsec fleet left. And then we started shipping out assets. R3V agreed to a "cease-fire" with the russian corps (who could finally get some decent sleep) and the haul began. Most assets was moved out but some long gone members assets and leftover ships got left behind. Along with several POS's that it seem Total Absolution got the honor of cleaning up. By themself. As a final offering several of the capitals from R3V was lined up and self destructed.

It was a great honor coming to your aid R3V and we welcome you to our alliance. 
Great fun have already been had so look forward to even more :D 

The final lineup of R3V capitals as they all self-destruct