onsdag 8. oktober 2014

Hyperion and the hidden agenda

Some of you might have spotten this subject on floating in the ether or whispered in secret rooms, but it is a matter of grave consequence. We have all been used. Without our knowledge. The empire has for years now "bought" the blue sleeper loot without telling us its secret. Now they expect us to give it to them for free even, with the reward for fame and glory. This sets an alarming presedence. The publishing of the recent research paper from Sisters of Eve has set in motion the research the empires are doing on what we, the capsuleers, call the blue loot. This can only mean one thing. They have had a break through in the meaning of the data stored within. The race towards new tech has begun. It has yet to be revealed what this new tech is but efforts by the capsuleers calling themselves wormholers to halt this effort by the empires must remember that whatever data we manage to hold back or confiscate just simply pale in comparison to the researchdata gained through years of blue loot handed over to the empire. Resistance is futile one may say. But even more so when you consider the leverage the empires holds against the capsuleer community. The only source of income that most of us rely on is from this blue loot, and if the empires are met with hostilities over this matter they may very well respond in kind and remove all buy orders from empirespace.

Wait, removal of blue loot buy orders? Yes, that may be a reality.

But all is not lost. It is not only the empires that have interest in this technology. Sisters of Eve and the less known Intaki Syndicate apparently show a deeper interest into the hidden data of sleeper salvage and loot. And many capsuleers have seen these trends. A sudden rise in the trade of the lesser used salvage from sleepers predict that someone has had an opportunity to view this fabled research report from SoE and word have spread of its possible outcome.

Word has also reached certain ears of Talocan elite guards returning to sleeper space to dispatch the forces of capsuleers trying to harvest the sleeper data. The source of this rumor was not possible to backtrace but one can only speculate what this implicate.

One thing is for certain. Something is changing. And the recent behavour of mass affecting wormholes, increase in connections appearing and the very nebula's themself altering their colours bode a ill omen.

From the beginning of these changes labeled "Hyperion" our small group of pilots have however found itself at a much better state than before. Chains are absolutely lovely to scan out (scan 3 systems and have access to 15 kinda thing) and we have seen more active capsuleers in the lower classes of chains than we ever did in the higher classes. Rolling our connections have also been a breeze with battleships. To us this change has been a resounding success and we applaud its outcome. Even the bitter old big groups has seen a change with the eviction of Adhocracy by SSC and Lazerhawks invasion of Quebec. As winter come we look forward to more fun with our fellow capsuleers

*written in character in honor of Ya Huei ! :D