torsdag 19. juni 2014

Endings and change

tl:dr Honestly We didnt know are merging with Imperial Collective

It was last summer (before Nimons final invasion) that the CEO of No self Esteem, smokeAjoint, stepped down and I took his place. He wasn't playing anymore and we needed someone active to set direction for the corp. After having dabbled with roles and titles a lot in some of my alt corps I knew the system and volunteered. JeRaad was burnt out on alliance leading from MALAS and MD74 didn't want CEO. So I became the one to pick up the title. But I was never top chief. We led in unison. First in ENNE and Shadow Politics and then when we started Honestly [.ORLY]  we also lead in unison. Me, MD74, Grimch and Manira. It has been a great blast the last year. It has been a year full of content. Both good and bad.

This spring has brought with it the best move we have done so far. Joining forces with ICOL and forming the Unsettled alliance has been great fun, but for me real life has become increasingly busy. Thats just how it is sometimes. But it has also happened for the other directors in corp. This have brought on a situation where none of us feel the we have the proper time to both run the corp, build the alliance and still enjoy the game. So last night it was made public.  Honestly We didn't know are merging with Imperial Collective. 

So post went up on forum with info:

Leadership in .orly has continually had a review and dialogue about the state of corp. To keep things healthy and to be on top of stuff. We have come to the conclusion that currently no one in leadership have enough time in real life to enjoy the game and run the corp. So we have asked Huei and ICOL leadership for a merge of active members into ICOL. We feel this will strengthen the alliance and the group as a whole.

<insert description on how we will handle this practically> 
As it looks I will be leaving to do something else. I just need a change. I have enjoyed every moment in Unsettled and are really proud of what it has become. But I will never manage to be just a member in this alliance. I care too much. So I will be heading off to kspace at first to reassess how little stuff I really got. Then I will cry in a corner and spend some "time" with the Mrs and then figure out where I want to go in Eve. (should at least take two hours in total) It shall be said that every one of you have made this alliance what it is and as it continue to grow you will have even more fun and whelp gloriously fleets of many isk.
So there we go. The end of a era. I'm stepping down as ceo.

Its a little bit strange tho. Building up something and then just hand it over to someone else. I do believe its in the best hands possible with Ya Huei and ICOL but its like handing off your own child to someone else :P
So yes this decision has been a hard one to take. I really didn't want to but in the end I realized that by keeping up the current situation Eve would turn into a game where I did not get to play the way I liked. Too much time was spent on recruiting and other corp admin stuff. Keeping that up would ruin the game for me so a change was needed. And stepping down as CEO was the only way to do that. And as I told the alliance this means I will be moving on to something else. Most likely somewhere related to wormholespace (as I still detest 0.0 sov after the wars with LV vs RA in 2006), but I want to make sure the merger go flawless before I take a decision

But dont worry. Posts will keep coming here on the blog :)

- Calaretu

(Big shout out to MD74, Grimch, Manira, Jeraadthetnoit, SmokeAjoint and Ya Huei and ICOL for the fun times! Also a thank you to Bradford Clear and the guys in Twilight Souls and Lycosa for the times in Bastion )