fredag 27. juni 2014

Making new goals

Having almost finished the merger of .ORLY into ICOL I figured it was time to start looking at some new goals in eve. This may be a bit messy post as I write it on the fly.
First, what have I already done
- Lead two alliances in wspace
- Done c5 and c6 space
- Ragerolling (didnt like that)
- Hunting (love it)
- Capital escalations (repetitive but ok isk)
- Gas harvesting
- Mining (afk 4tw)
- low class sites (on par with mining in fun and isk/h)
And basicly whatever else has been avaiable of content.

Now I need a isk income to fund pvp but still something that I dont have to sink too much time into.That basicly means PI. I need a proper PI farm again. Takes time to setup but easy to maintain. If the chars I set into it also can do some active isk in addition when no pew is to be had thats not bad either. No thats some chars sorted into that (yeah already got access to several good PI wh. They are often also avaiable on market for just a few hundred mill)

But who can I find a lot of fun pew with for my main chars? I started digging. Whats happening in eve? What are people doing? I still dislike sov null since the LV vs RA war in 2006. And lowsec seem to be only frigs or hotdrops. So I started looking at the killboards of every active group in wormholespace. Someone posted a overview of killboard stats on forum. Very interesting. Taking away the us tz groups and those with very tiny fleets in eu tz tho didnt leave many behind that was viable. I also took away every c6 group as I done really like what is happening in c6 space. In the end the most likely corps outside unsettled would be ducks, probe patrol and n0mex. I tried to figure out how ducks was evolving. What kind of corp culture they were breeding. Being a new(ish) entity that could be a exciting option. So sent a mail to chitsa. No reply. Hmm maybe he just was busy. So I search up on evewho to see who is in that corp. Oh Longinius Spear. Former enemy but a nice guy. So I convo him when I see him online. One of the first things he mention is that they are super serious about pvp. That make me instantly strike them from the list. I continue the convo with Spear and he is very optimistic about trying ducks way of playing the game. This morning tho I see it didnt turn out so well. You have my sympathy Spear.

So now I look up n0mex and Probe Patrol. Probe Patrol are now in ixtab. (The alliance Eve Ryuken was part of earlier) and they seem to have fun. Live in 5-5 like Unsettled. but just have more members. A lot more. Well then I could just stay in Unsettled. is my first thought. As I know the people and enjoy flying with them. So I check up the killboard of n0mex. MD even have a chat with gunnerz. Great guys. Know them a bit from a common stay in SYJ. But after studying their fleets setup and size I realise they are doing basicly just the same as Unsettled. Easier HS and less bigger size battle tho.

In the end I just scrap all my plans and figure I want to continue flying with the guys I already fly with. Love to fly with them. Love the culture we have in alliance and we just keep growing. Yeah time to haul back in my stuff :P

I'll do my best to be a ordinary member. To be a content creator more than enabler. To have a more carefree EVE life. And I will try my very very best not to step on my new CEO and directors toes :D