fredag 3. april 2015

Choose a wormhole, Part 2

Part 2: Home system

(check out part 1 here about what static to choose)

This should always be your second choice but its still an important choice.Wormholespace is kinda divided in two. The systems who have a kspace static (c1-3) and those who don't (c4-5). You can also divide between the systems where capitals can transverse (c5-6. Also known as high class) and those where capitals can not enter or leave (c1-4. Also known as low class). Capitals change both pvp and pve a lot. In high class, warping capitals to the anomalies trigger extra sleepers who are worth a lot. In low class this doesn't happen. Also in pvp the tactic known as "dread blapping"(where you use webbing ships to slow down and target paint ships cruiser class and up so the dreads can one-shot them) is common practice in high class. Invasions and evictions is also far more frequent where capitals can leave and enter than where they cant. This will be an interesting change with the new structures that leaves the dreads useless except for additional fighting power. We will have to see how that turns out when the time comes.

This time I have listed the most obvious benefits of each class as I see them, connections (including how much traffic you can expect through your system) and vital considerations for homedefence.

Do you have a different experience with one of these classes? Let me know in the comments below.

Class Benefit Connections Homedefence
C1 The pve in these doesn't give much but good potential as industry base and PI farm. Keep an eye out for nullsec data or relic sites tho. Possible to be a good base for solo or small group doing industry. If you want a null/ls static for pvp-roams I rather recommend a c3 due to the tiny entrance and difficult of rolling c1 wormholes. Outgoing: Static known space
Incoming: Roaming mostly lower classes

Traffic: little
Always having a static kspace these system are very easy to bring mercs into and very hard to roll due to the small size. Keep 5-10 bill spare in your wallet and you will most likely never be bothered. Set up large or medium towers with loads of online ecm and neuts and offline guns. Do not build caps in system!
C2 I would argue this is the perfect class for a new corp to wormholespace. If your aim is to experience the best from wormholespace then this is a good entry. Depending on the statics you can either have steady access to good small group pve or occasional small gang pvp. You will from time to time have big groups connecting to you as well. Don't be afraid, try to gank their haulers. Camp the Kspace static. Skirmish with kiting ships. Bomb with bombers. And always scan out your wormholechain as far as possible. You never know what you find. Most often your own system will be devoid of pve sites so make sure to make a decent choice of static!
Outgoing: Dual static: Known space, Wormholespace
Incoming: Roaming and static from all classes

Traffic: loads
This is the most sought after wormhole class currently. Its the starting spot for a lot of corporations. If you only have a single tower and no obvious friends you may find yourself an easy prey. Having a heavy defended large POS may deter attackers bashing your POS directly but I have personally heard about several people seeing unknown groups still move into the same wormhole. Keeping some spare isk for mercs can be handy if you need. Having a spare dread if you plan to settle for several years may be useful but never heard of anyone who actually had any use of it. Rather try to give fights or ambush connecting groups and make some friends instead. May serve you a lot better than throwing isk at unused capitals.
C3 Can provide decent solo pve content for a few hours but the real strength of these wormholes are the direct kspace that have a 300k mass allowance. Depending on the static this class really shine as either industrial base or staging ground for pvp roams in null or lowsec. Of course also keep in mind how easy it is to make a powerful PI farm ;)
Outgoing: Static known space
Incoming: Roaming mostly lower classes

Traffic: little
With a single kspace exit this is again very easy to bring mercs into. Have some spare isk for that. But unlike the c1 the static is easier to roll making wormholecontrol for any invading force a lot easier. However as these systems don't give a lot for smaller++ groups and is primarily good for soloplayers, having a decent POS setup will most often prevent you from being evicted but if someone else decide to move in its hard to stop. Again. Having spare isk for mercs may help.
C4 Home sites really cant supply more than 2-3 active people but the major benefit is from the dual statics these systems now have. Please check my blogpost on why I personally love our c4 here. But c4's are all about the statics and can support everything from 3-4 active players up to unlimited number of people depending on statics. Outgoing: Dual static to wormholespace
Incoming: Mostly k162 from C4 but also other classes

Traffic: sometimes a lot, other times nothing at all
If you have an attractive system with good PI and good statics then "maybe" someone want to take it from you. But right now there are enough empty ones to fill. You should have more than a bare few people people so fielding a fleet for homedefence should be viable. Use large towers with a proper varied defense to demotivate attackers. Hardeners and ecm to make initial bash a pain and then loads of offline guns as well to online if needed.The more towers the safer but you need to stay cost efficient.
C5 Not very solo friendly but possible for small groups depending on static. Very good isk-making potential with capital escalation but also somewhat risky. Most of the c5's are inhabited by corporations primarily focused on the pve (of which several are alt corps of the few big pvp-wormholecorps/alliances still around).

Recommended for corporations with 5-10++ active members but there are also several common ways of doing it solo as well for the high skilled players with several alts.
Outgoing: Single Static wormholespace
Incoming: Mostly someone else's c5 static. Occasional direct roaming low, null or very rare hs.

Traffic: very little. Usually just scouts and then occasionally huge fleets.
Large POS only for defense. Medium can work few pilots but will be easy to RF with dreads no matter what defense you put on it. Large ones with neuts, ecm and guns can cause problem for a small fleet even with dreads. Large fleets there is no defense against with the current structure system. Just keep anchoring and onlining neuts while they bash to drag out the time and bore them to death. Make it as boring as possible for the attackers. Neuts to neut out dreads, hardeners to make the bash as long as possible. Batphone whatever friends you have and keep everyone online even if afk just to make sure hostiles have to be ready for defending hole control at all times. If possible batphone whoever you can and take hole control at opportune moment to get them inside.

There are several lesser pvp groups that make a living out of invading and evicting small corps in c5 space so be sure to either have friends or fat wallets to hire mercs if needed.
C6 Not at all solo friendly. Right now most c6 is occupied by a russian renter alliance called w-Space citizen. If you look like a small squishy target and someone have a russian corp willing to pay for your wormhole expect to be evicted. If you have a decent group it is however a easy place to grab a system. As in c5 you have the potential for isk from capital escalations. For pvp its very much up to the static you choose. Don't expect many to roll into you as there is at most 2-3 pvp groups who do any decent kind of rolling. Outgoing: Single Static wormholespace
Incoming: Mostly a c6 static from an empty system that someone else deeper in chain scanned. Occasional direct roaming low, null or very rare hs.

Traffic: very little. Usually just scouts and then occasionally huge fleets.
Same as c5 but anyone invading have a lot easier time seeding your system with capitals due to how easy it is to roll for a specific c6 (only 100 in total opposed to the approx 500 c5 systems)

Also be prepared to be seeded for siteganking. Read up on relevant tactics on how to deal with that.