onsdag 1. april 2015

Why I love our C4

So I havent really told much about how it is like living in a c4 with static c4 and c2. So today I'll reveal a little bit of what its like. To the left you see our chain from 31. march. No its not uncommon. This is in fact somewhat regular to get these chains. We dont always go deep, but when we do it spreads all over.

So this is a good example of our regular chain. Now basicly the only hinderance here is the 2 bill mass on our statics and the lack of ability to bring capitals through. But other than that we basicly got all of eve at our doorstep. Nothing in the wormholes? Check some of the lowsecs. Or null. Or go gas mining in a c5.

In this particular chain we actually had Sleeper Social Club scout in our c4 static. So our scouts went hunting for their home, but couldnt find it. At the same time someone found a ishtar ratting in the c3c so we went out and killed that. Then another went off into lowsec from LSA and found some guys. We tried to get a fight but when a few of us showed up the locals just ran away.

Shattered wormholes? Daily. (here its the one with a orange border around it). If we got bored we could ofc go and scan that. They usually open up another 3-7 wormholes.

Do I miss the c5 farming with capitals? No not really. Sure its good isk but right now I consider our lovely wh the best place we have lived in wormholespace. We never close our home and 23.5/7 all of these wormholes are avaiable to our pilots to do whatever they want in.

Yes, we are recruiting. 
Join "Unsettled" channel in game.