torsdag 7. august 2014

Changes in the unknown

As detailed in this devblog there is a lot of changes coming to wormholes in Hyperion update. And as probably every other blogger, podcaster and random guys with opinions I will give you my small opinion on what is happening. The changes are as follows:

- Dual static C4s
- K162 spawn when wormhole is jumped
- Rebalance of all wormhole effects
- Spawn range changes based on mass
- New wandering wormholes (regenerate and limited to frigsize)
- Boost to bookmark copying time and amount

Now the last one is a quality of life change, but the others will have a big impact on wormholespace. It is interesting to see the replies in the threads how people envision what will be the new win and the amount of possible fits and ships tied up to wormhole effect. But it seem that bringing a brawler fleet everywhere may not be a viable option anymore. Bringing a ishtar fleet to a Red giant may now be countered by a single bomber. A brawling t3 fleet can be picked apart by a sniping destroyer fleet in wolf rayet. (2k DPS with RLML :o !!). The spawn range out of wormholes will hit the ability to use capitals and orcas in rapid closing, but as a whole package I think these changes will be very good for wormholespace. I think we will see a lot of new fleets and doctrines when Hyperion hits. That in itself is something to look forward too.

What change do you think will make the biggest impact?