torsdag 7. august 2014

Reforging old steel

For those who have followed our killboard closely (yeah I know none of you did :P ) might have noticed a trend in UNSET over the last few months. Yeah activity have dwindled. A lot. Seems like most people just dont like the static 5. So we're changing it up. And along with that we are bringing .ORLY back to life. We will run it a bit different tho. Me and MD74 will share on leading the corp and see if we can build up a new circle of leaders around us.

Having a static 5 gives a certain kind of content. I thought we could use kspace exits a lot more in the chain to create content for smaller groups and in a way we have. We have scanned long chains to kspace and then new chains from kspace and on but still it has been a lot of scanning without much content. And when a few people stopped logging on as spring hit and the regular summer lull start looming we did no longer have the fleet numbers to take on the avarage c5 groups. Which is kinda sad. So now as autumn arrive with Hyperion we are moving to a different class with a different static. One more suitable for smaller groups. Which will also let us recruit pilots with less skillpoints. No more "must have T3". We can start having cheaper and more fun doctrines and that is something to look forward to.

Deep down in my belly somewhere those butterflies start moving and I am excited about what the future hold for us as corp and alliance. Onwards!