torsdag 14. august 2014

Setting roots on fire (spoilers)

This is not a garden allorgy. Not this time. In the last year and a half I have gone from a c4 to c5 to c6. Then back down to c5 and now circle completes as we are setting out for C4 space. With the coming changes C4 space will be a lot different. And its not a guess. I have seen the new random wormholes on sisi. And the new static aswell make for some insane chains but still a LOT of kspace exits aswell. Easier logistics but chains that not even a c6-c6 have seen the likes of.Just hunting the c4's I have seen 10 systems deep branching of everywhere to c3's, c5's and even nulls. Nullsec directly into c4 space. Granted its the new frig wormholes but coupled with the nulls and lows you get through the c3's this has the potential for some exiting gameplay. Gameplay that I enjoy. Silent hunting. Deep chains. Stalking.When you have the feeling of a panther (or housecat if you prefer that kind) sneaking in the grass. Looking at that siterunning ship making ready in POS, aligning, warping, and you feel the muscles tense up for the leap. Thats what I crave about wormholespace. Thats when my adrenalin gets pumping.

It has been some interesting days, scanning chains on SISI (Eve Online test server) and even some interesting days on forum. I went out on a limb and opposed the entire wormhole community on the changes to effect of mass on jumping. Meanwhile Ya Huei has gone and made a lot of new friends in the current c4 residents :D All is set for an exciting autumn.

So a few spoilers from the test server. Wandering frig size wormholes:
Q413 - leads to 0.0
E140 - C1 (I think. didnt jump it. but that blue colour)
L335 - C2
Z860 - C3
M131 - C4 (and these were not just a few of)
C948 - C5

Thats what we have seen this far. Might find the last two (c6 and c3) when we keep scanning. Having mapped close to half of the C4's I think we will keep it up a bit more. Even tho we have located the most likely new home we would want. Now just to find that on Tranquility ><.

But the battleplan is ready. We have no blues. We have no restrictions. This is a game and we will enjoy it. Our targets may not. Unless we recruit them. hmmm. Maybe. Yes this has potential. We can even fly battleships. Couse no dread blaps in c4 space. And Huei making everyone love us sets us on a good path. Very good indeed.

Found the c3. No sign of c6 yet