torsdag 22. mai 2014

AAR: Probes in Static

So we were basicly rolling our static to make use of a lowsec in a different chain to roam the locals. New static was scanned and scout reported back. "This is the home of Probe Patrol" Confusion breaks out. Should we hurry and close the hole and go ahead with our former plan? Or take a fight to Probe Patrol. We decide to close. Fleet is told to warp to static. Arriving there I notice most of the fleet isn't actually there. I warp to some of the others. We are split. Half the fleet is sitting on the wrong wormhole. Instantly people realize the bookmarks are messed up. Not good. Huei makes a quick call to regroup at tower. I'm already on my way back to c5s and landing there we see the first Loki of probe patrol jumping through. He goes straight for tackle on me (did I mention I was in a Celestis?). I throw my damps on him and start burning off the wh. He sit tight on wh and eventually jumps back. Our scout report a fleet forming up and heading for the wh. Theres no option of closing now. We either fight or blueball. We reship to our ishtar doctrine. They jump their fleet in. Phobos put up bubble on our side. I already have a stratios on its way to making warpin beneath the bubble. FC is named. A few more minutes gets wasted on lazy people who dont know what ship they should take (did I mention this was actually a alliance doctrine /shakemyhead) and we warp to engage. Final number we count us having 12 vs their 18. Ishtars vs pure t3 fleet. We unleash our drones but I really feel for them. Going up against 5 guardians isnt a work any drone enjoy. Not at all. They might even decide to demand a raise for this. I'm not having any of that. As I burn away I quickly abandon my gardes and launch bouncers for better range. Our two guardians hold the incoming damage just fine. We are all holding fine. But we're not breaking anything either. 5 guardians. We would have to swap half our fleet to ecm to break that. In my mind I think about my lovely ecmgu who died some days before. Completely new it was. Not even fully rigged. But die it did. Due to an archon on the HS. Theres no way to pull a win here. FC makes the call to withdraw. Three ships and drones are caught behind to the gruesome fire. Wont be hearing anything from the droneunion now I think. As we initiate warp away we spot them bringing a ecmgu to the fight and I picture the bloodbath that could have happened. GF are exchanged. Everyone happy. Somewhat at least. We close the static and go out and murder some poor lads in lowsec instead.