fredag 23. mai 2014

AAR: A Conspiracy we didnt fail at completely

This evening started with scanning. And scanning. And scanning. We had several huge chains that all ended in endless c2-c2's. After a while we suddenly get a new signature in the c5 off our static. Scout goes in and its Red Coat Conspiracy's home system. Nice :)
Chain goes like this to them:

Retreat -> C5S (no effect) -> C5A (pulsar) -> C6A (Magnetar) RCC home

Since they are mainly us tz they might actually have a fleet we could meet up to as its early for them. But its late for us so we start pinging to get some more on. Scout report they warp a fleet to their static. Kiting shield fleet. Now we dont want to fight them in C5A. Us having a armor fleet could struggle against a kiting shield fleet there. (Mainly because we're bad at pvp). So we set up in c5s on our home hole. They got eyes on us and we got eyes on them so nothing is hidden really. Suddenly they engage on C5S wh inside C5A. It appears one of our guys went to bait them :D Its only a navy vexxor. Dies quickly. We hold a bit more and then they come rushing to engage. We jump to Retreat and burn off the hole. Jams go on their logi and it hits almost every cycle. They sit on our static now and mostly jumps out as we down them, but then they get a cynabal at range from wh. Finally a kill of an otherwise stalemate fight. RCC calls it and head back home.

In hindsight we could probably have taken the fight to the pulsar considering we managed to get jams on their logi.Well live and learn I guess :P

Didnt look like zkill or eve-kill wanted to link the two kills to same fight but each is listed above.