fredag 2. mai 2014

Storytime: 1. Feeble beginnings

It was around easter last year (2013). I was away visiting family on the other side of the country. Spring hadn't yet fully come tho winter was definatly over. I dont drive over the mountains unless winter is over. Hate running the risk of getting stuck up there. For those living in sunny countries unfamiliar with the turmoils of winterdriving, let me elaborate shortly: During winter many of the mountain passes are closed due to snowfall or wind and snowfall or just wind blowing the snow already there. When its not horrible and completely closed they have these huge snowplowers clearing the road. Thing is the road doesnt stay cleared. It fills up again with snow. And fast. So what they do is run the plowers (and they drive fast) and then a qeue of cars follow them at same speed. Now if you are one of those cars there are some things you have to avoid. You cant stop. Not at all. If you stop you are left behind and your car will get stuck in snow and you have to call emergency service. Another thing you have to avoid is driving off the road. This might sound like a joke but its not. Your driving fast on a slippery road (with cars behind you pushing the same speed) and the road is anything but straight.
 So winter was over. And spring was on its way. But what came sooner caused me to smile. A text trickled in on my phone: "We found it". And so begins a new adventure. This was how it started.

At this time I am just a ordinary corp member. We had in the previous years enjoyed life in a class 4 wormhole (short: c4)  with a c2 static. Life in a c4 is nice. But for a few of us it wasn't enough. We wished to progress. To take on bigger challenges. But not everyone felt the same way. And so me, MD74 and Jeraadhetnoit chose to leave the safe harbour of the c4 and move on. And so in february we left Axial Tilt (who had been our home in c4) and joined a friend in a c2 and his corp No Self Esteem. Here we set up to roll the static c4 to a c4-c5 and then scan out the chain in search for a new home. What we were looking for? A c5-c2, preferably Wolf Rayet, with decent PI.
(In hindsight we should have gone for a c5-c5. Just saying to anyone who might read this and want to set out to c5 space themself. A c5-c5 doesnt give you HS (highsec) every day but it provide a lot more content even for a group of 3 people. However you need to have wh experience and know what your doing)
So now you probably guessed what the text was about. What had been found. But to be fair it was more it who found us. What had happened was a k162 opened up in the c2 we were camping in. And it lead to the system we would later come to know as Max, by brutal force. But to us it was just a new home. And thats what we called it. Home.  It contained a offline tower but otherwise it was empty. So MD and Jeraad grabbed a tower and setup base in this new home. While I was on holiday and spring had not yet fully come.

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