tirsdag 13. mai 2014

Storytime: 2. New neighbours and noughty ghosts

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A offline tower, solitary in a wh, might tell a story of someone having been there. Once upon a time that tower was online and had ships in it. But now it doesn't. Its just a shadow. A ghost of something past.
Moving into a new home brought back something I had been missing from EVE for a long time. Excitement and the sense of taking on something new. Something unknown. Grand was the hope of the promised land. The land of capital escalation and c320. And us few adventurers took on something we didnt know if we would manage or even if it would last. But better to risk and enjoy the fun than to be bored to death in a c4.
(Now I have to be honest. We were in no way hardcore pvpers or masterhunters.  We liked to hunt but also to mine and make isk. But we didnt mind taking risk for a little adventure. )

When I came home from easter holiday a new frontier laid before me at my computer. Brewing a fine cup of coffee, and settling down while the baby was sleeping brought on a new dimension to eve. First step when moving in: bring in ships! And so began the haul. Having towers already waiting for me made it rather easy to start heading into our new Home. We mined gas like crazy and decided to pull down that offline tower and kill off the poco's. At about the same time ceo of ENNE sold off the c2 and the rest of what was left of the corp moved into our new c5 aswell. The guys we sold the c2 to however seemed like a really nice bunch of guys. So we invited them to join us in alliance and come along to the c5. A new entity born. We called it Shadow Politics (couse we had that alliance just laying around anyway :P ). So two corps living togeather in a wormhole create some challenges that need to settle. Especially since one was doing a pure communistic economy and the other a light tax but mostly individual economy. Lets just say shortly that after some heated forum discussion and a very interesting incident we found a way of working that we all agreed on. This cooperation worked eventually so well that we later formed a new corp togeather. But thats a story for another time

But all was not as easy as we thougt. Remeber the mention of ghosts?  Normally the dead stay dead. And one would think a dead POS taken down would maybe blow some dust from a forgotten evemail on a long abandoned account. Maybe someone would even lift an eyebrow while being annoyed at something they had forgotten. But not for us. 

Some might call it Bob's blessing. Others would call it bad luck. For us now, after so many months, we call it content. We call it adventure.

Within a few days after taking down the dead POS and setting up our own poco's a new cry was heard on coms: "Capitals on dscan! Dreads and carriers! And wrecks!"
Our adventure had just begun

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